Benefits of 2D Animation

Convey Your Message Smartly

2D animations convey your company’s message effectively. Creating 2D animation is a simpler process as it doesn’t require the 3rd dimension like 3D animations. This makes it ideal if you are looking to get your project up and running in a timely manner. You can get lifelike images, to meet the expectations of your clients and make the video attractive to your audience.

Simpler yet Attractive

2D animations are less complex, this ensures your audience is more focused on the message you aim to deliver through your video rather than get distracted in the video design. You can get it made as attractive as your prefer, inculcating striking design elements along with catchy content and still keep the essence of your brand intact.

Lighter On your Pocket

2D animations require fewer resources, time and efforts to create one of a kind design element. This makes it affordable for businesses, in fact, several businesses use 2D animations as it portrays the message effectively in half a cost from 3D animations. Our designers and animators can meet your creative wishes in the budget you have drawn for yourself.

Visual Freedom

2D animations are free from the reality, it has a wide scope to be as animated as you like. These animations can be designed to depict strange actions, colors or fonts making it fun and compelling as the subject requires. The artistic freedom that comes with 2D animations makes these videos ideal to convey your message in an artistic and engaging way to your target audience.

Type of Animations Empower your brand with the right type of animation

  • Explanatory Videos

    Ideal to deliver your company’s message in a fun and engaging way.

  • Marketing Videos

    Market your service or product using attractive animations by experts.

  • Training Videos

    Creative and engaging videos to train your staff or show your audience how to work with you.

  • Presentations

    Present your product or service with engaging video

Our Award-Winning PortfolioHaving spent years in the industry, we have a wide portfolio to talk about.

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Animation packages that meet all your branding needs We provide highly flexible and affordable design and animation options.

  • BudgetHassle Free Design

    • 30 Seconds Video
    • Professional Script Writing
    • Voice Over & Sound Effects
    • Custom Storyboard
    • Animation
    • 4-5 Weeks Delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions


    $995 80% off !

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  • The UltimateCutting-edge Design

    • 90 Seconds Video
    • Professional Script Writing
    • Voice Over & Sound Effects
    • Custom Storyboard
    • Animation
    • 4-5 Weeks Delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions


    $3995 80% off !

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  • Business PlusIdeal design solutions

    • 3 mins Video
    • Professional Script
    • Storyboard
    • Animation
    • Voice - Over & Sound Effects
    • 4-5 Weeks Delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions


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Key Features

  • 100% Satisfaction
    To ensure your satisfaction we provide effective revision policy.
  • Unique Design
    We give your brand nothing but the best. Every design is unique and impactful.
  • 100% Money Back
    We are confident of our exceptional work. We provide Money Back guarantee to give you complete satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Design
    We are here to assist you round the clock. Contact us for any queries or concerns.
  • Award Winning
    Our designers and animators have received several wards for their high-quality designs and animations

Included In Every Package

Empower Your Brand With The Right Type Of Animation


Storyboard will help your analyze what your video will turn out
like, we have in-house expert illustrators who know their gig better
than anyone in the industry. The better the storyboarding the
better your animation in bound to be.


Our designers have the expertise you require to create animation
that sets well in your niche and leaves your audience spellbound.
Animation is a critical aspect of any video and we help our clients
become the trend setters.


Every video needs a different type of voice-over to give it a quality
needed to upsurge your video presentation. Your video attracts
60% more views if it speaks to your audience in a fun and engaging
tone of voice.

Professional Script

We have helped thousands of clients create one-of-a-kind video
animation. We understand what it takes to create exceptional
video script, which engages your audience in a fun way and delivers your message effectively.

Our Comprehensive Process Our Process Is Simple And Aims At Delivering Flawless Results For Every Project

  • Storyboard Your Video

  • Voice Over & Music

  • Animation Production

  • Post Production

Storyboard Your Video

Storyboarding is a highly helpful step of video animation process as it allows you to visualize what the final product would look like. It proves to be efficient as you can make the required changes in the way your video looks and ensure you get the best product for your brand as you have imagined.

Voice Over & Music

Attractive music or voiceover combined with the right visual elements can have a huge impact on the whole video composition. At Animation Next we put great value to the choice of music and professional voiceover to compliment the video to ensure you get the best results possible.

Animation Production

Animations used for the video makes or break the video. It defines the aesthetic of the video and maintain a strong and attractive flow of information. With Animation Next you can rest assured that you will receive the best animations for your brand that align with your brand image.

Post Production

We finalize the video only once you have approved the content, animations and music/voiceover. You can request for changes before the finalization of the video. Once the video has been approved by you we deliver the animation file, you hold complete copyrights to use video as you like.

We have served Over 200+ Industries We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours

Video in Your Viewer’s Language?

Communicating in your audience’s language results in better understanding

  • Italian
  • Spain
  • Arabic
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

We have been Applauded and Recognized by Prestigious Entities of the Industry.

Our Reviews

  • The turnaround time was perfect, throughout the process the team worked closely with me, guiding me about the video updates and making all the changes I requested efficiently. I have worked with several companies before and never have I ever had such a seamless work experience! Highly recommended!

    Adam Earnest Marketing Head

  • The team at Animation Next are simply fabulous! Their enthusiasm and creative ideas really left me impressed and the 2D animation video I requested turned out great! They incorporated my message and brand image in a seamless way helping me increase sales! Yay! Kudos to team... keep it up guys...

    Melisa Jones Creative Director

  • I was naturally a bit hesitant, trying out work by a new firm, but I had heard several good reviews about the firm. They kept true to their “wow factor” by giving me incredibly amazing 2D animated video. I’ll be recommending you guys forevermore! Keep impressing!

    Kian Posner Branding Consultant


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