What is a Promotional video?

If you are looking to boost your sales or brand name through marketing strategy, Promotional videos made professionally with attractive design element and creative outlays combined with engaging content, music and voiceover is your best bet.

Who writes the script for the videos?

Your script will be written by one of our in-house copywriters. This way, your message will be delivered to your clients in the clearest and most powerful way possible. If you already have a script, you can share it with our design consultants and we will use that script for your video.

Can we use our own photos and graphics in the video?

This is doable, although we will only confirm the possibility after taking a look at the material to see if it is compatible with our animation techniques.

How long does it take to produce a video?

We pride raid turnaround time, our process is fast, and you will have your final whiteboard animation within 20days or less. That timescale assumes fast client feedback at each stage which includes scriptwriting, storyboarding and animation.

Can you make a Promotional Video with a voiceover?

Yes we can. All our packages include voiceover which can be done in any language or accent.

Who will narrate my Promotional animation?

Your animation will be narrated by a professional narrator specially chosen for this specific skill. The tone of his voice can be tweaked according to your specification.

Can I choose a voice artist?

Of course! We have access to dozens of voice actors in any accent or language. We’ll send you a zip file of their demo reels, you can make a decision and share your preference with us.

How involved can I be in the process?

We believe in teamwork and encourage you to be as involved in the process as you would like to be.


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