• We Guarantee Complete Satisfaction

    Animation Next is committed to bringing you guaranteed satisfaction. You can rest assured that we will work tirelessly and efficiently to bring you the animation you expect for your brand. Just in case you are not fully satisfied with the initial concept you can always get in touch with our design consultants and request for a revision in your design or animation.

  • We Guarantee Unique Animations

    We strive to bring your unique and diversified designs that spruce up your business image. At Animation Next we ensure that each design and animation that we create is unique in all aspects in order to give your business a very strong and impeccable identity. Be it a video animation, logo animation or creating a script for a video, we assure you complete creativity.

  • We Guarantee Rapid Delivery

    The team at Animation Next is efficient. Our passion and love for work drive us to bring you the designs on time, but we guarantee that we will make no rush but instead give our best to give you the perfection you have trusted us with. We pride ourselves on the impressive revision process to check and make appropriate amendments in a quickest manner.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    At Animation Next, we measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients. We guarantee you exceptional customer service, unique design concept and flawless animation. Just in case you are left dissatisfied with our services, we provide you 100% money back guarantee.

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Our Reviews

  • I had no problems explaining the exact style I expected for my video. The very first storyboard they sent me had almost met most of my expectations, with just a few tweaks the video was good to go. Their animation was flawless and I’m truly pleased with their service and with my video of course!

    Julian Hill CEO

  • Animation Next made a perfect video for my business promotion. I wanted to have a perfect video since I was a bit tight on my budget and wanted the video to really work out to its max potential, and it did! They did a fine job and I will be working them again for sure!

    Felecia Hale Marketing Head

  • I required an effective promotional video that showcases my product and turns the head of the audience I target. Not just I but my audience absolutely fell in love with the video, as the stats showed! I have been working with this team ever since.

    Derik Holmes Media Producer


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